Inductee Sport/Entity Year Inducted Category
Chris Cash full bio Chris Cash      
Alicia Brown full bio Alicia Brown Tennis, 2003 2016 Female Athlete
Bob Geddes full bio Bob Geddes Football 2016 Male Athlete
Casey Finfrock full bio Casey Finfrock Water Polo and Swimming, 2002-2004 2016 Male Athlete
Dennis Rogers full bio Dennis Rogers Coach 2016 Baseball
Charles Kane full bio Charles Kane Founder, RCC Tiger Backers 2016 Bengal Award
Emebet Shiferaw Gulilat full bio Emebet Shiferaw Gulilat Cross Country and Track & Field, 1993-1994 2016 Female Athlete
Francis Bushman full bio Francis Bushman Counselor/Coach 2016 Contributori
Gary and Sheila Locke full bio Gary and Sheila Locke RCC Marching Tigers 2016 President's Award
Andrea Antonissen full bio Andrea Antonissen Women's Water Polo & Swimming 2015 Female Athlete
Astia Walker-Eastwood full bio Astia Walker-Eastwood Women's Track and Field 2015 Female Athlete
Bill Mulligan full bio Bill Mulligan Men's Basketball 2015 Head Coach, 1966-67 -- 1974-75
Billy Mulligan full bio Billy Mulligan Viewpoints (student newspaper) 2015 Contributor
Jeff Bajenaru full bio Jeff Bajenaru Baseball, Class of 1998 2015 Male Athlete
Marty Montigel full bio Marty Montigel Men's Tennis, Class of 1983 2015 Male Athlete
Rich Ramirez full bio Rich Ramirez Football 2015 President's Award
Sam and Blanche Knight full bio Sam and Blanche Knight RCC Tiger Backers 2015 Bengal Award
The Bill Mulligan Years full bio The Bill Mulligan Years Men's Basketball 2015 Special Recognition
Charlie and Donna Bohling full bio Charlie and Donna Bohling Men's Baseball 2014 Contributor - Bengal Award
Dave Almquist full bio Dave Almquist Swimming and Water Polo - 1996-2013 2014 Head Coach
Dell Roberts full bio Dell Roberts Football 2014 Male Athlete
Gary McCord full bio Gary McCord Men's Golf 2014 Contributor
Luann Ryon full bio Luann Ryon Archery - RCC 1971-1975 2014 Female Athlete
Pioneers in Women's Athletics full bio Pioneers in Women's Athletics Women's Athletics 2014  
Bob Schermerhorn full bio Bob Schermerhorn Men's Basketball 2013 Head Coach, 1989-90 - 1997-98
George and Mary Daddona full bio George and Mary Daddona President’s Award 2013 President’s Award
Ken Nickerson full bio Ken Nickerson Booster 2013 Contributor
Melissa de Jonckheere full bio Melissa de Jonckheere Women's Water Polo 2013 Female Athlete
Noureddine Morceli full bio Noureddine Morceli Men's Track & Field, Cross Country 2013 Male Athlete
Bobby Kielty full bio Bobby Kielty Baseball 2012 Male Athlete
Mike Barnes full bio Mike Barnes Women's Basketball 2012 Head Coach, 1982-2001
Rachel Bermudez full bio Rachel Bermudez Softball 2012 Female Athlete
Richard Hubbard full bio Richard Hubbard Former RCC Tigers Announcer 2012 Bengal Award
Scott Hooks full bio Scott Hooks Westcoe Realtors, Inc. 2012 Business Contributor
William Locke full bio William Locke RCC Marching Tigers "Grandpa" 2012 President's Award
Bob Rule full bio Bob Rule Men's Basketball 2011 Male Athlete
Linda Lacy full bio Linda Lacy Women's Volleyball 2011 Head Coach, 1985-89
Henry Citarella full bio Henry Citarella Football 2011 President's Award
Terica Ned-Pelt full bio Terica Ned-Pelt Women's Track and Field 2011 Female Athlete
Tom Mazzetti full bio Tom Mazzetti   2011 Bengal Award
Tony Citarella full bio Tony Citarella Football 2011 President's Award
Don Birren full bio Don Birren Football, Women's Volleyball, Wrestling 2010 Head Coach, 1980-85 (WVb)
Fred Smith full bio Fred Smith Men's Basketball 2010 Male Athlete
Michele Himmelberg full bio Michele Himmelberg Women's Volleyball 2010 Female Athlete
Tom Mazzetti full bio Tom Mazzetti   2010 Contributor
Ben Blomdahl full bio Ben Blomdahl Baseball 2009 Male Athlete
Chris Fleming full bio Chris Fleming Team Physician 2009 Contributor
Dave Waxman full bio Dave Waxman Men's Basketball 2009 Head Coach
Michele Saunders full bio Michele Saunders Women's Tennis 2009 Female Athlete
Arthur Gilmore full bio Arthur Gilmore Football 2008 Male Athlete
Lisa Andrade full bio Lisa Andrade Women's Swimming 2008 Female Athlete
Ted Banks full bio Ted Banks Men's Track & Field, Cross Country 2008 Head Coach
V.C. Smith full bio V.C. Smith Booster 2008 Contributor (posthumously)
Alicia Berber full bio Alicia Berber Women's Basketball 2007 Female Athlete
Randy Hord full bio Randy Hord Football 2007 Male Athlete
Cindy Taylor full bio Cindy Taylor Women's Volleyball 2006 Female Athlete
Leon Parma full bio Leon Parma Football 2006 Male Athlete
Suzanne Ashley full bio Suzanne Ashley Booster 2006 Contributor
Frank Corral full bio Frank Corral Football 2005 Male Athlete
Karan Polk full bio Karan Polk Women's Basketball 2005 Female Athlete
Thomas Johnson full bio Thomas Johnson Athletic Trainer 2005 Contributor
Cathy Moore full bio Cathy Moore Women's Basketball & Volleyball 2004 Female Athlete
Clyde Jeffrey full bio Clyde Jeffrey Men's Track & Field 2004 Male Athlete
Nate de Francisco full bio Nate de Francisco Head Football Coach, 1950-56 2004 Contributor
Bethel Lauder Trice full bio Bethel Lauder Trice Women's Basketball 2003 Female Athlete
Jim Kross full bio Jim Kross Football 2002 Male Athlete
Margie Himmelberg full bio Margie Himmelberg Women's Volleyball 2002 Female Athlete

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